Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hey everyone!! So, sorry it has been a while. This summer is flying by!! Dallas and I went to California with Lance and Amy Rondeau last week and Grandma Cutler watched the girls. We missed them like crazy but it was nice to just be a couple for a few days. We went to Disney Land, Universal Studios, Huntington Beach, and the LA Opera House and say La Traviata. It was a blast and I would have had a bunch of really cool pictures to show everyone, but alas, I left my camera at my sister's house in Las Vegas and have none. The Rondeau's took some for us, so I will post them asap. Other than that we are back to normal. We will be starting up our second German class beginning in July. I am dreading it. But, we will survive. The girls are growing up so fast. (Seriously, Lilly put on a few pounds at Grandma's house!!) They are so cute. Sophie is talking so much now and getting into so much more trouble!! She definately keeps me busy. But, then again, she will be two next month, and I have never heard of any easy two-year-old.

Lilly chillin' with her bottle and "Signing Time". Posted by Picasa

Sophie loves a climbing challenge. Posted by Picasa

Dallas had some friends over to play Lord of the Rings Risk. Here they are setting it up. Posted by Picasa

Our super long bike ride. It was so fun. Our girls slept most of the time. Posted by Picasa

Sophie loves makeup! Grandma Rydalch gave her some chapsticks and here you see her giving Lilly a makeover. What a sister!! ( Excuse the mess, I was doing laundry.) Posted by Picasa

Lilly loves eating!! She wants to be big so bad. Posted by Picasa

Sophie and Daddy studying for the GRE. Sophie's book looks more interesting, huh? Posted by Picasa