Thursday, July 06, 2006

So hungry.... Posted by Picasa

Sophie and Daddy have a great time together. Here Daddy said he was tired from giving her rides on her blankies and so she got him her pillow and gave him her blankies and then lay by him.
The other night Sophie woke up from a nightmare. I went in to see if she was ok, and she wanted "Daddy!" It was so cute. She is becoming more and more of a Daddy's girl. Posted by Picasa

A day in the sun. Notice Sophie's suit. It was too small, but she INSISTED on wearing her "Pooh Suit." Posted by Picasa

EEEK!! A not-so-uncommon Sophie tantrum. Posted by Picasa

Sophie loves her chalk. But even more than coloring with it, she loves dumping them out and putting them back in the box. Silly girl! Posted by Picasa

So, here you have it, our only picture of us on our trip. Sad, really. We are in Las Vegas with some fake volcano in the background. What a cute couple!! Posted by Picasa

Sophie and Sesaly. Hopefully Sophie will be more excited when Sesaly is a little bigger. Posted by Picasa

Lilly is getting so big! She always has a ready smile. She can always cheer me up! Posted by Picasa