Monday, August 21, 2006

Classic shot of the Universal Studios entrance including their 2 most famous visitors. Posted by Picasa

This is everyone who went to the opera with us. We met up with Marcelo and Candy there. Posted by Picasa

Us. Amy, Lance, Emily, Dallas, soon to be opera elitists. Posted by Picasa

Here we are before the opera, La Traviata. It was in the LA Operahouse in downtown Los Angeles. We were slightly overdressed compared to the rest of the people there (some people were in jeans), but the building was sophisticated enough and it was fun because we never get to dress up. The opera was great, one of our favorite parts of the trip! Posted by Picasa

Classy couple Posted by Picasa

Getting ready for the operain our motel room. Posted by Picasa

Dallas is stronger than Lego-man, Darth Vader. Here we are in Dallas' favorite store: the Lego Store. Posted by Picasa

Waiting for the 3-D Bug's Life movie. Posted by Picasa

Looks like Sophie has some pretty big shoes to fill! Posted by Picasa

My sweetheart after a long day. Posted by Picasa

Sophie and Daddy at Bearlake. Sadly this is the only picture I took. I will have to get some from my mom. Sophie and Daddy had a blast on the beach, except the part when Sophie tried to eat a seashell. Luckily she didn't swallow any. Bearlake was a great. We saw a lot of cousins and both girls got a ton of attention, especially from Erin's kids. Sophie now thinks that any little boy is her cousin Mason. Posted by Picasa

Crazy hair... Posted by Picasa

Sophie and Mommy-Pooh getting ready for some breakfast. She always finds some friend to eat with. She usually shares a few bites too. Posted by Picasa

Sophie loves snuggling with Daddy! She is very willing to share her favorite blankies with him. (We still can't convince her to share them with her sister, though.) Posted by Picasa

Sophie tried out some big girl panties. She did pretty good and went on the potty once, but also had an accident. Hopefully she will be potty-trained before the new baby!! Posted by Picasa

Penny is pretty much walking now. She still resorts to crawling if she is in a big hurry. Posted by Picasa

She looks like she could be a little girl on her first day of school! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 11, 2006

So, it once again has been too long since I have updated our blog! Oh well. Our little family is so fun. Dallas and I are so busy with our German class. Dallas is still getting 98% or 99% on his tests and I am consistantly getting considerably lower. It has been fun, but I will be very happy to be done in 2 weeks. Dallas is still accompanying and loves it. He is getting things ready to apply for Grad school this Fall. He has also been on a Lord of the Rings kick and has been watching one DVD a night. Tonight will be the end. For those of you who haven't heard, we will be having another baby this February. We are excited to see what new little person is going to come to our family. I am starting to feel better and have more energy, so that is nice for me. As you can see in the following pictures, Sophie is now our big 2-year-old!! She is so fun. She is talking a ton and playing pretend all day long. She also is starting to play more with Penelope. Yeah, I think we are going to start calling her Penelope or Penny. Poor kid. She is also growing up so fast. She is so close to walking. I can't believe she is going to be one soon. She has a very ready smile and is full of love. She absolutely adores Sophie and looks longingly at how Sophie can run about. Time is going fast. I feel the love of our Savior every day as he blesses our little family. I am seeing more and more the blessings our family has been in my life. I am so thankful. Posted by Picasa

Now that she's 2, she sure is looking grown up! Posted by Picasa

Sophie's 2nd Birthday!!

The day before Sophie's birthday, Dallas's mom was bucked off a horse and life-flighted to Idaho Falls. We were right about to open Sophie's presents, but instead rushed to the hospital. We spent most of the day there. Luckily Grandma did not break her neck like they originally thought. She did get pretty banged up and broke some ribs and her colar bone. We had Sophie open her presents that evening just before she went to bed. It still turned out to be a good day. Since Grandma and Grandpa Cutler were planning on coming here for Sophie's party, we decided to go there so Grandma could still enjoy it. Posted by Picasa

I don't know who likes this Lego set more, Sophie or Dallas! Posted by Picasa

Isn't this a cute puzzle? Posted by Picasa

This is in Idaho Falls waiting for Grandma to get discharged. Sophie was so careful not to be too rough with Grandma, but she wasn't afraid to snuggle right in and make herself comfy, either. Posted by Picasa

This picture is funny because Sophie hated this tub when she was little. Now she loves it! Posted by Picasa

Sophie got spoiled by all of Dallas' family. She especially loved her make up and her big Pooh bear. (The Pooh bear actually talked and that sort of freaked Sophie out. We had to turn that off and now it is safe and has earned the name "Mommy Pooh" and helps take care of her "Baby Pooh") Thanks everyone!! Posted by Picasa