Monday, November 19, 2007

The Winsome Warrior part 2!!

Note from the editor: for best quality, please read part one posted Oct. 13 before proceeding! (

With strong posture and steady stance our hero slowly inhales, and with fierce determination in his eyes, says...

"Mrrg nyack PAWhut crutsy VOO!!!"

Deliberately spoken in the best-possible and most-menacing genuine Frontier Gibberish ever heard by man, our hero glares at his environs - eyes slowly roving from the lonesome shack, to the dried-blood earth, to the broad expanse of wasteland, finally resting upon the giant hamster. What... a giant hamster?!? Yes, dear reader, a giant hamster has quietly snuck into the scene. The hamster stands in sharp contrast to the dreary, lifeless desert, almost as if outlined by a thick marker on white paper hastily colored in by an innocent and sloppy child. The hamster is significantly larger than your regular, straight-out-of-the-factory hamster. Its back is as high as our hero's broad shoulder, and, interestingly enough, in spite of its large size, appears rather cuddly.

While you might have been surprised by her entrance, our hero was not. He stares - the hamster twitches - his stare continues - the hamster sniffs her paw. The suspense heightens with every additional ounce of hero-stare that is mixed with hamster-sniff. What shall happen? Who shall be vanquished - man or beast? Who shall make the first move? Two planets locked in a static orbit may continue so indefinitely - is such a closed system immutable? Who can predict not only the causes of influence but the outcome itself for the universe?

After a seeming eternity of stillness punctuated only by the barbarous rhythm of the sniff, a distant, pleading cry is brought by the sudden breeze on a dust-embroidered cushion. A quick shadow of concern passes over the face of our stalwart lad, as an immense, painful weight seems to lie heavy in his hands. The giant hamster, the rarest of rare desert beasts, also seems to sense the same importance of that faint cry.

With steady yet insistent steps our hero-warrior glides toward the hamster. The hamster stands still with unreadable lights in her eyes. Neither flinch as the hero comes directly to the beast and gently grasps the tufts of hair on the side of her head. Simultaneously raising the monster's head and bending slightly, the hero and beast look intently at one another. A brief moment is all it takes before we realize that we are privileged observers to some form of unspoken communication.

Within moments it has ended, and our hero does not delay. While not knowing the course this path might take, his heightened intuition reveals that he will again return to this arid spot. Taking an instant, our brave hero walks to the dreary shack, kneels at its base, and reaches his telling hand in and then out of his pocket, depositing a hidden object. We are intrigued - what manner of action is this? As we move silently in for a closer examination, suddenly we are aware that the hero has mounted the giant hamster. They immediately depart, in the direction of some distant hills from whence the wispy cry was received. They fly effortlessly, united together as some sort of superhuman ManBeast - unstoppable and beautiful in power and glory. Both variegated hamster-fur and golden hero locks reflect the sunlight, revealing the life and hope within it that hitherto has been unseen in this land.

What did our warrior leave in the dust of death? Ah, this question must wait, for we must race along, first trailing and then beside the hero and his steed. Time seems accelerated as off in the distance an end of the endless desert appears, turning into what appears to be...

To be continued...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall. It is getting to the busiest time of the year and I am feeling it! Dallas is doing great in his classes: impressing all his professors. He is almost a quarter of the way done with graduate school, can you believe it? We are still looking for a good piano so he can practice more at home. We have decided we would like to rent one, but we'll see if we can find anything decent. I am doing well, except for the fact that I passed out today. You see, I was just getting some routine bloodwork done and went out cold for a couple of seconds. It was pretty exciting. Looking back, I have realized I pass out everytime I give blood, so I should just start warning people before they take my blood. Oh well. Dallas and I are going to an opera tonight, Die Fledermaus, performed by the Arizona Opera, and I am excited, especially since I already have a babysitter lined up and since we got free tickets. Now I just have to stop blogging so I can clean up the house! The kids are pretty much the cutest, sassiest kids in the world. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cute baby!

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It seems so strange to me that it is a week until Thanksgiving because it has still been in the 90's here. But, I am secretly glad it isn't super cold and we can still wear shorts to the park!

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Gabe being eaten by a hungry hippo. (And most likely aggravated because I can see Sophie climbing on its head!)

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The boats at Freestone Park.

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So, I finally gave in to Sophie and took her to the carousel at Freestone park. She loved it as there were a lot of horses with pink, and therefore a lot of horses to choose from. I am a little disapointed because it is 2 dollars per kid and I have to pay, even just to stand by them! What a rip off!

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Dallas with some friends after his recital: Sahar and Glen.

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Dallas had his first recital last Friday. He played well and is already planning his next one. The first picture is him with Prof. Sellheim, his collaborative piano teacher, the middle 2 are some of the singers ( I can't remember their names), and the last is Evan C Paul, a composer of one of the sets Dallas played. It was a great recital. Even I, as one with no serious musical training, could hear a marked improvement since BYU-Idaho. I am excited to see what another year and a half will do for him. Kim Heaton, Grandma and Grandma Heaton, and Grandpa Heaton's brother and wife were able to come on their way back from Mexico, so that was really neat. (I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of them!) I love being married to Dallas because it is like I am automatically cool like he is! Oh, and by the way, I have to brag about how I got an amazing deal on the flowers. I had to buy 5 bouquets for his 5 singers and, as you can see in the second to last picture, I got some pretty nice ones all for $46. Not bad for 5 bouquets!

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Dallas' dad stayed with us on his way to and from Mexico. Our first official guest! The girls had a great time with him and kept him busy reading. Is it just me, or does Dallas look a little cross-eyed in that first picture?

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Yes, this is the second rainbow we have seen in Arizona. It actually rained yesterday! I guess living in a desert helps one to appreciate the rain even more!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is this really fair?

I had to turn in some paperwork, including a copy of my driver's licence, on Tuesday. On my way home, and as I was getting off the US-60, I stopped at a red light and waited for some cars to go before I made a right-hand turn onto Gilbert Road. I watched anxiously as a confused-looking pigeon walked right onto Gilbert Road. A truck ran right over the poor bird as I sat waiting to go. It was absolutely horrible. The little bird was still moving as I shakingly realized the way was clear for me to make my turn. After witnessing such a gruesome death, I was happy to be almost home. I was on the verge of tears when suddenly I saw the dreaded flashing red and blue lights behind me. I quickly pulled into a neighborhood and couldn't stop the tears that I had convinced myself I could hold in until I reached home, just a few miles away. I had no idea why I was being pulled over and irrationally thought maybe the police officer thought I had cruelly murdered the pigeon. So, when the officer came up to the car I asked, "Why did you pull me over?" "You made a right turn on a red light. Didn't you see the sign that says 'No right turn on Red'?" "No, sir, I was unaware that it was illegal to make a right turn here." The officer didn't care. He said, "I am going to need to see your licence and registration." I reach into my purse, only to find about a million cards that aren't my driver's licence. While I am looking frantically, but understanding that I had probably left it at the housing place, the officer said, "Where do you live?" I give him our address. "Why isn't your car registered in Arizona?" I explain that Dallas is a full time student and we called the MVD and they said we didn't have to. Not caring about what I just said, he says,"Well, if you live in Arizona, you need to get your car registered in Arizona." I am pretty much hysterical at this point. I hate being pulled over. The officer is curt and seems annoyed that I am crying. I am not trying to get out of it, I am just sensitive when it comes to things like this. I say, "I am sorry, but I was just at a place where they took a copy of my licence and I must have left it there." He gives me a "likely story" look. He gets my information and asks if my licence is an Arizona licence, which it is. "Then why is your vehicle not registered in Arizona?" I tell him that my licence expired on my birthday and I decided to get it renewed here, but again, since Dallas husband is a full time student we were under the understanding that we didn't have to register our car here. "You and your husband will have to get a hearing about that," he says indifferently. He writes me a ticket siting me for three things: violation of a red light, driver's licence not on person, and no arizona registration. Okay, so I know anyone could make up a story about leaving their licence somewhere or their husband being a full time student to get out of a ticket, but I am pretty sure he could have just given me a warning about the right turn thing. I mean, I seriously had no clue it was illegal at this intersection. I had never noticed the sign and we have only lived here for 3 months. The purpose of police officers is to keep the roads and people safe. I understand getting pulled over, but I think a warning would have been sufficient, at least for the red light turn. I would forever be aware that it is illegal to make a right turn at this intersection. The road would therefore be a safer place. Instead, I feel like he had more desire to show his power over me and possibly fill a quota. Well, I am going to contest my ticket. When Dallas went to pick up my licence, the housing office wrote him a note saying that they had accidently left my driver's licence in their copy machine exactly a half an hour prior to the time I was pulled over. I am hoping that is enough evidence to get me out of that citation. It should be easy to prove that Dallas is a full time student, so that shouldn't be a problem. So, let me know what you think, if it is fair or not for him to give me a citation for making an illegal right turn when I was completely oblivious to the illegal nature of it. Be honest! I won't be offended if you think I totally deserved the ticket. And goodbye little gray pigeon! May you rest in peace!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I stole these pictures from Whitney's and Celeste's blogs. I couldn't help but notice the strong family resemblance!

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Friday, November 02, 2007

You're Invited!


This is a video of Sophie singing some songs. She is quite the performer!

So, November has come and we feel like we are in the land of perpetual summer! At least it is nice summer here now, instead of way too hot. We are doing really well. Our biggest news is that we are starting to get friends! I am serious. We have had Glen and Sasha Hannibal over 2 times to play games and it has been a blast. I haven't taken any pictures yet because I don't want them to realize how excited we are to finally have friends. I am also getting to know a few more people in our ward, so that is nice. Beyond that, Dallas is still loving ASU. He has also decided he would have been a great graphic designer whilst making the poster advertising his recital next Friday. I think Dallas could have been good at anything he wanted to do. I am looking into getting an evening job and just registered for some classes at MCC for next semester. I am planning to get my associates by the time Dallas is done here. Hope everyone else is having a nice fall!

Sophie is still very much into reading. I hate reading her the super long books, but they are always her favorite. She will grab the longest book she can find and plop herself down on my lap, saying, "Mom, will you read me this book, please, it is not too long!" How can I refuse? Here are some more of her funny sayings:
During dinner, while looking out the window: "Look, the sky is getting pink! The sun is going down and the pink is coming up!"
While she, Penny, and I are dancing: "Mom, you are my Supermom!"
While eating a snack of Kix: "Hey, I dropped a kick!"

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I have really worked on sign language with Penny for the last few weeks and she is picking it up like crazy! She will try to copy anything I show her and is using it on her own more and more! I am hoping it will help us avoid those tantrums, but it isn't looking hopeful. Penelope is a pretty stubborn kid!

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Baby Gabe's new favorite game is as follows, I take a picture of him, show it to him quickly, and he smiles. Gabe has been pretty good lately, other than getting the hives a few times. I have to take him in next week to have some tests done to see if he has food allergies. Poor kid! Have I mentioned that he crawls all the time now? Well, he does, and especially to get right in the middle of whatever his sisters are playing with!

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This is our new favorite place to be outside: Freestone Park. It is so pretty!

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Maybe the scary pumpkin boy in the doorway was the reason we didn't get any trick-or-treaters, or tickereaters, as Sophie would say.

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What a cute little mouse!

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This is at our ward Trunk or Treat. Dallas had to work late on Tuesday, so I took the kids by myself. Luckily, Ali Lesuer and Corinne Grimes helped the girls. Sophie was very wary in the beginning, but after a while she kept telling Penny, "This is all fun and for pretend, you don't have to be scared." Of course Penny never was, but it made Sophie feel a lot better! And once Sophie started getting candy, she could have cared less!

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