Monday, January 29, 2007

Hi everyone! It has been another fun and busy week at our house. Dallas is as busy as ever. He is, of course, doing exceptionally well in his French class, despite the fact that he missed a week when Gabe was born. I am enjoying my institute class, though sometimes I feel so old. Most of the people in my class are probably in my class to find that special someone and when people find out I just had my third kid they look at me with such admiration. It is great. Sophie started a preschool class up on campus. She loves it. It is every Wednesday and Friday morning at 8:45. It makes those mornings pretty crazy. Penny definitely keeps me on my toes. She is so fast and so into everything. She is really the one that makes outings difficult because she hates to be held and she hates to hold my hand because there are so many exciting things to go see. Gabe is getting a bit on the fussy side. I am still hopeful that he will be an easy baby. He just likes to be held all the time. Katie (my sister) said maybe it is a boy-baby thing. Maybe so. Well, enjoy the pictures! Posted by Picasa

If you look really close at Gabe's right upper forearm, you can see a small purple mark that is long and skinny. Well, it is a hickey. Yup, he gave himself a hickey that silly baby! Posted by Picasa

So pretty.... Posted by Picasa

Gabe is growing so fast! He is getting a double chin. He also spits up a ton as you can probably tell by the wet spots on his shirt. He is going to have an x-ray tomorrow to see if he has acid reflux. Great, eh? He is also awake a lot more, which is fun (except at night). Posted by Picasa

Penny is a busy girl! She loves to climb and is really quite agile. She usually figure out a way to get what she wants. I swear I have never met a kid with so much energy. Dallas says Sophie was the same way when she was this age. Maybe so... They change so fast. Posted by Picasa

I have found it is nearly impossible to get all the kids in one picture and actually have it turn out cute. Oh well. Penny likes Gabe from a distance. I honestly prefer that to the opposite. Posted by Picasa

Sophie is really starting to love Gabe. She has been having me draw our family. Now she demands that I draw Gabe in my arms. She also occasionally asks to hold him. I think he really likes her too. Posted by Picasa

Doesn't that look comfy? Posted by Picasa

Penelope loves playing peekaboo with her blanket. She also loves this picture. As I am typing she is screaming in excitement. I think she knows it is her and she recognizes her blankie. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 21, 2007

So, it has already been two weeks!! I can't believe how fast life goes. We are all doing well. Gabe is growing fast and the girls are adorable. We are busy, but happy. Dallas is getting excited/anxious for auditions next month. I am just glad we have Gabe already so I don't have to worry about doing it myself. It is amazing how much more laundry just one little guy adds. I don't know how people ever have more than 3 kids! I love it, though. I took all the kids out on Friday up to campus. It was definately an adventure. I am sure I will get used to it fast. Posted by Picasa

This is Gabe with his friend Lilia Rondeau. She is exactly one week older than him, even though their due dates were 6 weeks apart! This was Lilia's first outing so she was all dolled up and poor Gabe was in a girly nightgown. Oh, well. Posted by Picasa

Daddy's Girls

The minute Sophie hears someone coming up the stairs she shouts"DADDY?!" They are always so happy to see him. Probably because I am so boring all day and he comes and gets them all riled up before bedtime. Posted by Picasa

Penny is always ready to head outside. Posted by Picasa

There is nothing like a sister!

I love these pictures! I am so lucky. I hope they always stay great friends! Posted by Picasa

Glamour Girls

Sophie and Penny love dressing up! They sure are going to be fun as teenagers! Posted by Picasa

Sophie always gets excited when he is awake because it is so rare. Posted by Picasa

Yes, he does open his eyes!! He sleeps so much, but he does on occasion decide to show off his dark eyes. I think they are going to be brown. They are already really dark. Maybe he will look a little like me after all. Probably not... Posted by Picasa


Sophie and Penny cannot get enough of playing in the snow. Luckily Dallas has been able to take them out since it is hard for me to. They both could stay out there for hours, I think. Posted by Picasa

Gosh he is cute! Posted by Picasa

I put Gabe on the pillow for a second and next thing I knew, Penny had plopped herself right next to him. I hope all my kids will be great friends. Posted by Picasa