Saturday, February 10, 2007

This week has been another good one. Dallas is in Seattle this weekend. He is the accompanist for a student who is auditioning for the Metropolitan Opera. He did this last year. It is a wonderful experience for him. My big news for this week is that I am only 2 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight!! Yippee! Sophie is loving preschool. She got to see a rat mommy and babies this week, so that was exciting. Penny has been a little more clingy, but I think it is because she is getting some new teeth. Gabe is starting to be a lot more interested in everything. He definately knows when he is not being held. I am getting tough from carrying all these babies! We all went on our first walk on Tuesday. It was very sunny and close to 40 degrees. I am so ready for spring so we can all just play outside!

Dallas is the best Daddy in the world! Posted by Picasa

Woohoo! Dallas got me the first two seasons of The Office for Valentine's Day!! He even let me open them early! That has got to be the funniest show!! Posted by Picasa

Gabe is really chunking up, though he is still thinner than my girls were. He has been really happy and likes to see what is going on. He has been rolling from his tummy to his back since he was 1 week old. He hasn't smiled yet, but seems close. He is also sleeping better at night. Posted by Picasa

It is so amazing how much personality kids can have. Penny is just so funny. She still doesn't say any words, but she has started changing the pitch of her "Ahh" as if she were carrying on a conversation. It is frustrating, but cute. She is all about having fun. Almost every night I have to go remove the books from her bed so she isn't sleeping on them. Sophie is always sneaking them to her right before bedtime. Sometimes she will have more than 20 books in there! She also wants to be a big helper and tries to change her own diaper, as seen here! Luckily she doesn't know how to get it off first!! Posted by Picasa

Sophie has adopted her own "Baby Gabe" and takes care of all his needs, including feeding him. I am jealous because her baby even goes potty on the toilet. If only one of mine did.... Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 05, 2007

So here we are into February. This week was a good one overall. Dallas has more work than he can handle. He is a freelance accompanist here at BYU-Idaho. He is the best. (I am not even saying that because he is my husband.) This week he played for a guest soloist and did a wonderful job. I actually got to go. We got a babysitter for the girls and luckily Gabe slept in my arms through the whole concert. It was fun to hear him play. Even though he is nervous for his upcoming auditions, I am confident he will do a great job. I am still trying to figure out how to successfully divide myself between 3 kids and still have time to clean. Dallas has been super patient and extremely helpful. He is such a great husband and father. The kids are all healthy and happy. Yesterday we all made it to church and stayed for all three blocks. It was great, but we will be excited for Penny to go to nursery next month!

Sophie likes to read Gabe books. Here she is reading Cinderella. Both girls are really falling in love with "Baby Gabe", as they call him. Sophie even decided to carry him into the kitchen to me the other day. That was exciting! Posted by Picasa


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We taught Gabe sign language this week and here you see him fingerspelling the "e" in his name. Just kidding. He does have acid reflux, but since it is mild we are just going to suffer through it. He actually has been really good this week. He only cries when he is hungry or when he wants to be held. He still sleeps a lot, too, especially if he is in bed with me! Posted by Picasa

Penny has been quite the little entertainer lately. She loves to be the center of attention and knows how to be a ham. Posted by Picasa

Sophie's favorite thing to do is read. Dancing is a close second. She looks at books for at least an hour every night before she falls asleep. When she dances, she is continually saying, "Sophie beautiful!" Posted by Picasa