Sunday, April 29, 2007

I forgot to add this to the post with the Rondeau's.

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We have a lot of fun hanging out with the Rondeau's. It is great because Dallas and Lance usually make us dinner while Amy and I take care of the babies. Sophie and Penny are usually asleep. We will sure miss them when they move!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Amy Parry (used to be Amy Channer) moved into our ward! I am so excited to have be back in contact with her. She was always such a great friend. I am just sad because we will be moving soon.

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This is a test... do not be alarmed...

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sorry this update is a little late. So much has changed in a week!! Dallas has decided for sure to go to Arizona State for graduate school this fall. We are super excited. The piano teacher there is also very excited. I think it will be a very good experience for all of us. We are a little worried about the heat, but luckily we will just hit the end of the summer when we move there and then we will just be able to enjoy a nice warm winter. I started school last monday and I love it. It has been really good for me-kind of an eye-opener. I am only taking two classes-chemistry and math, but it has been a big challenge for me. I do an average of 3-4 hrs of homework everyday while the kids are napping or in the morning before they wake up, or in the evenings. For the first time in my life I realize what a blessing it is to have a day of rest. I have had to learn how to utilize every spare minute, but it has been so rewarding. I am so thankful for our wonderful family. Heavenly Father has blessed us more abundantly than I could ever imagine. Our kids are so precious and beautiful. We are all growing closer together every day. I hope all is well with everyone else!

Dallas has been so great with the kids while I am gone. I am beginning to believe I am the luckiest woman in the world because I married the closest person to Superman (only he prefers to be referred to as Batmaster, which only means he has even greater super-powers!)!! He will make breakfast, feed the kids, dress them, play with them, and when I come home they are all happy and the house is clean!! I can't do it that well! Not only has he helped out a ton with the kids, he has been my own private tutor. He is smarter than I ever imagined he was. He of course knows all my math questions, but he can even help me figure out all my chemistry problems, and he hasn't taken chemistry since High School (which, believe me, was a loooong time ago!!). On top of that, he is just so darn sweet to me. He is definately the perfect husband! He is my best friend.


Sophie has been doing great at potty training!! I am ready to be done with this whole saga! She is getting very polite and talking a ton! Most of the time, she is actually "Sophie Kitty". She is always really snuggly when she is a kitty. It is so cute!


Penny has been having a bit of a hard time with me going back to school. She just gets really jealous of anyone trying to take my attention. Other than that, she has been so cute. She loves her puppy. She takes good care of him and always tries to include him in the fun. In the last picture he is enjoying the bubbles, and the other day he played ring-around-the-rosies with us. She is also obsessed with dressing and undressing. That is always exciting.


Gabe is a super happy baby! (Though, from all these pictures, you wouldn't believe it!) He is very content watching the goings-on of our house. I finally took some pictures of him in the blessing outfit. In the second picture he is wearing an outfit Great-Grandma Stephen's bought him while they were in Mexico. They were in Puerto Vallarta when they found out he was born, so that is what the shirt says. The first picture is also a shirt his Grandmas Cutler and Stephens bought him while in Mexico (notice how wet it is- that is from all the spit-up). He is a joy to have in our family. He especially loves watching Dallas and the girls. He is just so much a part of our family.

Dallas is trying to get our garden up and going again. We'll see if any of them actually grow back.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hey! Well, life has been good for us this week. We are all back home and together. Gabe is over RSV and was blessed. The girls had a fun time in Utah, but we are all very glad to have them back. Dallas finally heard back from Michigan and was not accepted. He did call Eastman and found out he is #1 on their waiting list. We should know today if he will get in or not. Arizona sent him another letter and offered him more money if he accepts. We have to for sure decide by Monday, so next week I will let everyone know where we will be moving! I have decided to go back to school this summer. Classes start on Monday. I am going to take a math class and chemistry. I am nervous, but excited. Dallas is even more excited than me! He is going to stay home with the kids while I am gone. Sorry today's posts are a little out of order. And, check out the new links-two more of my sister's started blogs! It looks like I have started a blogging trend!


Gabe is doing a whole lot better. He has been sleeping better and has been happier. Dallas has even been willing to hold him more. I think he is close to laughing.

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Even Morty participated in the Easter Egg hunt!

Sophie and Penny helped Grandpa Cutler work a horse on Monday morning.

Easter Egg Hunt

Sophie and Penny loved looking for Easter eggs out in Lewiston.


Grandma Cutler has all kind of Spring babies at her house. Sophie and Paige loved the puppies and baby chicks.

Sophie and Penny

It is so great to have Sophie and Penny back home!! They are so happy to be back to. The first thing Sophie said when she got here was, "I love this carpet!" Penny has been taking good care of her puppy, which includes changing his diaper, feeding him, dressing him, and taking him on walks. They of course are happy to read all their books!

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Gabe's Blessing

Dallas blessed Gabe in Lewiston on Sunday. All of Dallas' family came and my parents, my Grandad, and the Iverson's came. It was last notice so none of Dallas' grandparents were able to come. Gabe wore Dallas' blessing outfit. It was cool, but he spit up on it so bad that we didn't get any pictures. We are going to take some on Sunday.

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It was neat to be able to go Erin's kids baptisms. My kids had a blast eating some pink stuff off Grandma's plate!

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On Saturday, Grandad rode down with us to Utah to get our girls and go to the triplets' baptism. He was a blast to have in the car! He sang us songs and quoted poetry. Penny climbed right up to sit by him. He is such a fun man!

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It was good to see Amanda at the Baptism. She seems more like a sister to me than my niece.

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The Idaho Falls Museum

On Tuesday, we all went to the Idaho Falls Museum. We were unable to take pictures of the actual exhibit of scriptural texts and the Dead Sea Scrolls because light is bad for them. Here the girls are checking out the Children's Discovery Museum. They had a blast during this part, but were pretty grouchy for the real artifacts. Dallas and I enjoyed it regardless. It is amazing to see some of those old writings and read about some of the people, like Martin Luther, who were willing to die for the truth. Anyone who has a chance should go see it!

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