Friday, November 28, 2008


We did Thanksgiving by ourselves this year. Yeah, I am pretty proud of myself. I roasted our turkey (well, it was just a turkey breast), cut and boiled the potatoes (Dallas did the mashing.... and the whatever-else-he-did that made them DELICIOUS!), made the rolls from scratch (I tried not to get offended when Dallas tasted them, and said, "What happened? You used to be so good at making bread."), baked the pie crust and mixed the pudding (Okay, okay, so I didn't do the crust from scratch. How could I resist buying one that would taste better than any home-made one I could spend hours making?), made the gravy from the turkey dripping (there may or may not have been a turkey gravy packet included with our turkey), allowed the kids to help with the Rice Crispy treats (believe me, it would have been easier to do it myself...), boiled the corn and the beans, opened the can of olives, cut up a nice orange pepper for color and vitamins, and ALMOST had enough time to do my hair before we ate at 3:00 pm. It was very delicious. (Even the rolls, at least I thought.) We went to the park after Dallas had a nap and I cleaned up. All in all, it was a great day!

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Is it just me, or does it seem like the olive-on-the-fingers trick is a necessary part of Thanksgiving? Well, to hold true to the tradition, we put them on. And then ate them. Well, Gabe ended up spitting his back out. I guess seems like that is part of the tradition- some kid puts ALL of the olives from his fingers into his mouth and then either spits them out, or pukes. Luckily we got them before they mixed with his stomach juices!

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After Thanksgiving dinner, Dallas told Penny to go wash her face and get the food out of her hair. Penelope is VERY thorough. She even had a clump of soap in her hair.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grad Recital #3!

My penultimate recital for my Master's Degree... almost done!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I asked Sophie if I could take a picture of her with her lego creation. Ha, ha. It just cracks me up!

The kids and I went to a play-date this morning. Before we left I told Sophie one of the boys in her Sunbeams class would be there. She said,"Is it the boy with the big teeth?" I said, giggling, "I don't know, which boy is that?" To which she replied, "You, know the one who has two big teeth on the upside of his mouth and little ones on the downside?" Then dreamily to herself, "I sure wish I had big teeth!" I don't think the big-toothed boy was there. At least she didn't say anything more about big teeth.

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The Power of the Arts!

Watch this:
Luckily we get a TON of the arts in our home!

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Gabe will be called 'Ordway' from here on out (Anglo-Saxon, 'warrior armed with a spear') . At breakfast he would lift his fork and do a war scream. Chilling, I tell you, chilling.

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What is this doing in here?

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guess her age!

I figured I had to return the favor, so let's play the adjusted age game with Emily now! My reasoning is that she is approximately 368 years old, and here's why:

1. Her favorite books to read are memoirs: +60 years
2. Continual mystery stains on her clothes: -23 years
3. Incredible sense of kindness and selflessness: +70 years
4. Obsession with 'inventive' self-portraits: -5 years
5. Already has motherhood and life figured out and mastered: +240 years

So there you have it. Sorry it didn't work out as well for you honey! Since this is a scientific approximation, I feel I must include one further characteristic which I left out. This would be her unfortunate lack of organization. I wasn't sure how this adjusted her age, so I didn't include it in the list above. But I am sure that it adds a certain element of insanity at any age, so when citing these facts, please include this aspect as follows: "Emily's adjusted age is an insane 368 years old."
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Okay, so Sophie has a new 'friend' these days. She likes to hold his hand and tell him secrets. Just now he came by to say hello. After he left it went like this.

Sophie: "I think he is a boy that is nice."
Me: "Yeah, that was really nice of Pierce to come over, huh?"
Sophie: "Yeah, he is my cousin, actually."
Me: "No, he is Reagan's cousin. He is just your friend."
Sophie: "Mom, when a boy likes a girl, he is her cousin and her friend."

Whenever I read the funny things other kids say, I always think, gosh, my kids never say funny things. And really, sometimes they do, but often they really don't. Not really funny things. But today has been a pretty golden day for our family in that regard.

Sophie singing at the top of her lungs while riding her bike: "She is a beautiful girl. She is a beautiful woman. She is a fairytale woman. I don't know why she is a fairytale woman, but she is a fairytale woman."

And then yesterday at the park, Penny talking: "I love the sand. It snuggles my feet and it makes me so happy!" (After this she proceeds to show me how snuggly her feet are and then lays right down in the sand.)

Well, I dont' even know how funny these are, but cute anyway. Signing off!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guess his age....

I figure Dallas' adjusted age is probably about 10. My reasoning?

1. He is the pickiest eater I know: -20 years
2. He likes to read non-fiction for fun: +32 years
3. His hair is long, and could be considered "rebellious": -13 years
4. He still plays with Legos, and is asking Santa for a set for Christmas: -22 years
5. He sleeps in until noon whenever he can: -10 years
6. He is VERY responsible: +15 years

So there you have it. Okay, my reasoning may be flawed. Anyhow, I love this kid!

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What attractive children!

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Those kids got up there all by themselves. I mean, the tree is fairly small, but it is still an impressive task for a 3- and 4-year-old. Sophie got so far out on a limb, that it broke and I had to save her, but it didn't deter her. She was up in the tree again, straight away. Poor Gabe tried to climb up there, but I think he must have missed out on the monkey gene. I hear it is recessive.

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I let my kids play in the puddle of water in the grass leftover from the sprinklers. It was all fun, and I even was feeling proud of myself for letting my kids just be kids and get dirty. Then, all of the sudden, the puddle started stinkin' up a stink that was pretty rank. I tried not to think about all the pet nastiness that could have been in that water with my children. We just hauled it up to the bathtub!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm so proud of myself...

Why such boasting, why such vanity? Let me explain dear reader... but first, sit down (which I assume you already are), relax, and let me take you on a journey back in time. Yes, back to last week....

I found out from Emily. I don't remember the exact details of the situation when the information was transmitted, but I do remember clearly how I felt. It was if a nasty greenish smog had suddenly passed over my clear sky. She had been asked by the Primary Presidency to have us sit in for Sophie's regular teachers during the Sharing time for the upcoming week. Emily, being the kind weak soul that she is, agreed. For both of us.

I easily shoved the information back into a dark recess in my mind, not wanting it to taint any more of my tranquil life. The days passed and Sunday soon arrived. From waking up late to offering to stay home to allow Gabriel to sleep, I consciously and subconsciously tried to find a way out of spending my Sunday School time in the Primary. But it was to no avail. I miserably drug my feet and complained until, next thing I knew, I was entering the Primary room.

The president showed Emily and me to our seats - on either end of a row of 10 assorted 4-year-olds, including Sophie. I sat down looked around, and felt some fear dispel. "I can do this... it's just a matter of sitting here and singing songs and telling kids to shut up and sit still. It might not be so bad after all." I even thought for a passing moment that some of the kids were cute and this was a special opportunity to have as I tried to sing along to one of the ridiculously-unmelodic article of faith children's songs.

Next thing I know there's another substitute teacher at my side whispering quietly to the little girl next to me who is... crying? I looked down at her, with a questioning look coupled with slight irritation. She returned my gaze only to start crying harder. I look at the other man (who by this time I had realized to be the child's father) and asked if he wanted to switch me spots so he could help his daughter. He said yes and I moved back to his previous spot on the back row with what must have been the 'cool older kids' in primary.

I sat in between the girls and the boys. There were two girls on my right (one of which never even dared to look at me or acknowledge my presence, even when I tried to tell her how good she was clapping in rhythm) and four boys on my left. They were either talking or squirming, and some were doing both. I immediately saw the enemy - the short one in the blue shirt with the smug look on his face. I told them all to be quiet and pay attention as the music director was having an emotional moment. It didn't really work, so a short while later I told them again to be quiet and listen.

Most of my efforts were aimed at the blue-clad enemy, but he seemed to be the most effective in acting like he didn't hear me. Luckily for him there were two other children between us (one of which was incredibly squirmy) so I wasn't able to gently flick his ear or something to get his attention. I decided to tell them to shut up once more and then turned my attention to how cute Sophie was being up in the front row.

My attention was distracted again and I looked over to see that now the boy on the far end was crying, and the same guy who I traded places with was back with this kid trying to comfort him. Apparently this kid couldn't handle being told to listen and be quiet, and had taken all my efforts to keep my row somewhat under control as a personal assault, when I wasn't ever really concerned with him to begin with.

I began to wonder why this other guy is so compassionate to these little beasts and I felt my cheeks suddenly flush when I realize that both of the children I had managed to make cry were his children. Hah! I wasn't sure what to do next until I glanced at the clock and was relieved to see that it was over. Not only that, I didn't have to worry about explaining to this guy later in Priesthood why I made both his kids cry because I had to leave church right then to go to an opera rehearsal. Phew!

So, yay for me! I managed to make 2 kids cry during the 1 hour I spent in Primary! I think there must be a reason that I'm not called to a position there...!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On second thought....


This was Sophie's first attempt at the video for Emily and Aubrey. After watching it again last night, I though, you know, this one is definitely blog-worthy. Enjoy!

Part I: Gabe Hates the Camera


Sophie definitely has some cinematography skills. (No, I am not even a little bit offended that Sophie didn't want to keep the camera on me. I mean, look at me.....)

Part II: Gabe is Reprimanded


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Video For Emily, Aubrey and Olivia Rowley.


We miss you guys!

The weather here is seriously perfect, so we walked to the nearest park to us. The park that has the sign that says, "Park not for public use. Violators will be fined or arrested" or something like that. Yup, we Heaton's are breakin' the law here in Sunny Arizona!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Okay, besides the weird eyes, does this scream Savannah Smiles to anyone else? Does anyone else even know what I am talking about? Katie?

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Showing my support

Dallas played at Robert Wright's recital this past Saturday..... and I actually went to it! It was amazing. Robert has an amazing voice and Dallas played like a pro. I am not going to lie, I hardly ever see Dallas perform. I hate finding babysitters. Luckily I still know a few from our last ward that our kids love! The bottom picture is Dallas, Robert, and Sahar, a fellow collaborative pianist. And, no, I am not sure if his bow tie was like that through the whole recital.

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