Monday, February 16, 2009

Take a look down after the pictures of the kids. Dallas finally updated, and then I went ahead and updated right over the top of it. It is funny and definitely worth reading!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

If anyone likes to be slugged one minute and then snuggled the next, Gabriel is you kid. Dallas and I still can't figure out from where he learned his obsession of sports and cars. His new favorite thing is to jump off the couch headfirst. I will let everyone know when he finally breaks his neck. I also gave Gabe a home-made haircut. I have been told that from far away it looks professional. I do think he looks a lot more grown up.

Oh, so I decided to take the kids to the park to take some pictures. First of all, I don't even know what to have them wear. I have a new program, Adobe Lightroom, which is almost as fun as working in the darkroom, just without the darkroom chatter. I am learning some cool new tricks in my class, color correcting, and stuff, that makes so much difference. So, seriously, if anyone wants me to use your kids as guinea pigs, let me know! I am totally free (though I may have to bring my kids along)! I can't promise anything will even turn out, but hey, it would be free!

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There are very few things that melt my heart as much as Penelope making up songs and singing them as loud as her raspy little voice will allow. Luckily for me, I get to hear it all day long. I will post a video soon.

This is the one, sort of cute, shot I got of Penelope. Needless to say, we were not getting along this day.

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I have heard before that 4 years old is the magic age, and I am inclined to believe it. Sophie is all about getting on my good side. She loves to make me happy, and boy, does that make me happy. As I type this, she just said something funny. "I miss Grandma. You know, Daddy's Mommy is a dog-breather. Did you know she is also a kid-breather?" And then when I asked her if she wanted write anything to the blog world, she said, "I love my pictures. I know I love Daddy and Mommy. I love Mama and I love Penny. I love my cousins and I love Mom." Doesn't get much better than that, huh?

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's been a while...

Greetings to all in the Wild Web Universe!* (please see comments)

Like the title says, it's been a while since I've written anything on here. This is due to a few reasons, not the least of which are school being back in session and my new favorite computer game which I got for Christmas/birthday. Anyways, I'm finishing up my last semester of my master's degree, and after that... who knows. If anyone has any great ideas feel free to share, but be forewarned, if you decide to share be prepared to be ridiculed.

Thus I've had little motivation to write anything on here... until now...

"What could be so important that causes the Great Dallas to grace us lowly Bloglings with his presence on the Greatest Blog in the World?!?!", you all exclaim, "What a joyful day this day be hereby!!"

Hah! I have been inspired to share the magic of poetry with you wretched Bloglings! You see, for sometime now the CD player in my car has been non-functional. So now when I drive and want music, I now listen to the radio. Here in Arizona I have basically two (2) options: Mexican stations or ASU's radio station which is a combination of classical music and NPR. While I can't say I never listen to the Mexican stations with their groovy accordion riffs and tight Mariachi harmonies, NPR usually gets my business.

Why am I telling you this? Because there just happens to be a very special radio show on around 9:20 AM called "The Writer's Almanac". It is narrated by Garrison Keillor and consists of him discussing a few culturally and historically-significant events which happened on any given day followed by a recitation of a poem. And it's not just any old crummy poem, or even one of those poems which has lost its flavor by being brought over into pop culture - most are amazing examples of modern work and are of the utmost quality.

Because my schedule fluctuates drastically it is often the case that I'm not in the car at 9:20 AM, and thus miss "The Writer's Almanac". Luckily for me (and you miserable Bloglings) NPR uploads each day's episode to their website, where one can both read the broadcast and hear it!

This is what I desire to share with you. May I now present, The Writer's Almanac. Today's poem was amazing. I urge you all to expand your artistic horizons and partake of the bounty that NPR freely provides.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Another full-orbed year hath waned to-day*

Take a moment to travel back in time with me... Back to the dawn of a new year, 2009. Yeah, I know, I have been slacking on my updates. We had a fun New Year's party in Utah. Here are the pictures of everyone's resolutions. Don't ask me what they were, as I don't remember. Mine was to touch my toes. Just for the record, I did about 1o minutes of a yoga workout the other day. But, just wait, I will touch my toes before the year is out.

*From New Year's Eve by Mathilde Blind

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Sometimes I can't believe how beautiful our family is. (Oh, luckily Gabriel rang in the new year in his bed. I guarantee he would have been just as delightful to behold.)

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Paul The Talented

This is my brother-in-law Paul. He is pretty entertaining, and freakishly flexible.

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Staying up past midnight, even if it is for New Year's, is pretty incredible for a four-year-old (and her mom!)

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