Monday, August 31, 2009

Exodus #1

The Exodus has started!!! Yes indeed the incredible Heaton Family is already on its way to the Promised La.... wait... I mean, Kentucky!! We finished packing our truck and cleaned our apartment before leaving Gilbert, AZ for good around 7 pm. We are currently in Flagstaff, AZ spending the night before we head on the next leg of our journey tomorrow to Amarillo, TX.

Emily and Dallas not only cleaned the entire apartment in 6.5 hours, but upon inspection the stupefied manager could only utter one word: "Spotless!" While we feel we do have right to brag, we could not have packed the truck and cleaned so efficiently without the help of some special individuals. A big thank you to Bro. Gonzales, Bro. Graves (an exemplary Elder's Quorum President), and the Joey and Kaylee Case family for all their appreciated help in loading the truck and watching the beasties.... er, kids.

We are also pleased to announce that we think we do have a house waiting for us in our intended destination, which certainly does relieve the stress of being homeless! We are very sad to leave the beautiful state and people of Arizona which we have grown to love and appreciate. Thank you all - Arizonians (the nice ones at least), ward friends, and ASU and MCC goonies who really made our short 2 year sojourn such an important part of our lives!

Seeing as it is late and we're all very sore and tired, the update will now terminate. Stay tuned for more!

-The Leader of the Exodus

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big News.... The Heaton Family is Growing!

Well, we have all sorts of big news around our house, but I am having a glum sort of day, so I thought I would at least share some of the goings on around here. So, for those of you who don't know, I am pregnant. I think I am due March 7th, though I have an ultrasound on Monday to be sure. I will let you all know then.