Friday, February 19, 2010

A few more pictures:

My sister Merlaine got the kids some PVC pipe and helped them build a fort, so I have a few minutes to update the old blog. Things are going really well! I am actually surprised, but then again I have my sister here and haven't had to make a meal or do the dishes since I have been home.

The older kids seem to be adjusting really well to their new siblings. Sophie loves to hold the babies at any opportunity. She made them crowns at school yesterday, and is just overall thrilled with them.

Penelope is slowly warming up to them. I don't think she ever disliked them, but hasn't really wanted any contact with them. Even today, I asked her to grab me a burp cloth, and she said, "Mom, I don't really like to touch the babies' things." But she actually asked to hold Daphne last night. She was done after a minute, but it is progress. The picture of her holding the babies was pretty much forced. Her teacher wanted to see a picture of her with the twins, so that is the only reason I got her to do it. In most of the pictures she has a pretty disgusted look on her face, but finally I got Merlaine to get her to smile by tickling her toes.

Gabe really likes the babies. He wants to hold them all the time, but only for a few seconds. He also is always bringing them toys. I think he is excited to have them grow up a little so he can play with them.

Daphne and Peter are doing super. They had a Dr. appointment today. Daphne is 4 lbs, 15 oz, and Peter is 6 lbs, 5 oz. They are a tiny bit jaundiced, but the doctor said he isn't worried about it. They are nursing extremely well, and Peter has already decided he doesn't take bottles (great!). I am still pumping and giving Daphne a bottle to try to get her to gain weight, and luckily she doesn't seem to mind it. They have been sleeping so well at night, only waking up to eat, and usually only once. I think it is because they get to sleep together. I have finally figured out how to nurse them both at the same time, so I think we actually might survive!

I am feeling really good. I am so thankful that I didn't have to have a c-section. I feel so busy all the time, but can never figure out what I accomplished during the day. I am still sporting a pretty good sized belly, as I am often reminded by the kids questions; "Mom, do you still have a baby in your tummy? Why is your tummy so big? Can I feel how squishy your tummy is?" Oh, well. I had two babies in there less than a week ago, so I am totally fine with that. So other than some tail bone pain, I am pretty much back to normal.

Dallas can update for himself, if he wants. He is maybe a little bit like Penelope when it comes to the babies. He loves them, but can't wait for them to be a little more like kids and less like babies.

I will write the birth story one of these days. It is a good one, but aren't they all? I can't stop looking at all FIVE of my beautiful children. Each one is such a miracle. How incredible that they are each so healthy and full of life. I can't wait to watch them all grow together.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Peter & Daphne: The First Days

So here are the long-awaited photos of the newest Heatons! I'll let Emily tell the story later - I just wanted to quickly get a few photos up and put down some of the vital stats. Daphne Rhys Heaton was born first, at 7:45 am on Sunday, Feb. 14. She was 5 lbs. 9 oz. and was 18.25" long. Peter Dean Heaton followed shortly after, at 7:47 am. He was 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 19.5" long. They were 1 day short of 37 weeks gestation.

Emily delivered both naturally, vaginally, and had absolutely no complications, other than the fact that she think she broke her tailbone. She did an AMAZING job, as always, and is recovering rapidly. Both mother and babies were able to come home yesterday to meet their other siblings. Peter and Daphne are doing very well and are very healthy.

Merlaine, Emily's oldest sister, is here with us from Texas helping out. Luckily school has also been canceled for me these last two days due to the blizzard we've been having here so I'm also able to spend some time at home. We have been incredibly blessed throughout this experience, and we are very grateful for all the assistance, help, prayers and well-wishes we've received from friends and family near and far. We'll get some more photos and the rest of the story up here soon!

(In all the photos Daphne is on the left with the exception of the first photo where she is on the right.)

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Time to choose names!!! --------------->

Hello, Dallas here! So the babies should be here any day now, and soon it will be my privileged task to choose stunning and elegant names for them, as should befit any heir of the royal and distinguished Heaton family. Because there are so many options, I've decided to give Heaton Family Blog™ fans a chance to give some input! Please choose as many names to the right as you like, and we'll see what the general consensus is. Also if you dare to feel that you are more inspired than I and would like to suggest your own combination please do so in the comments section of this post.

(Disclaimer: This poll is for entertainment purposes only - the names have already been decided and no guarantee is made to any commenter or voter that their input will have any influence whatsoever on the names of the future arrivals. While some names and combinations of names in the poll are legitimate, not all are and The Heaton Family Blog™ is not liable if you should find a name in the list that appeals to you, use it to name your child, and then later realize that it's a crappy name and want to blame us.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Gabriel is the biggest snuggler ever. I hate sleeping with him because he likes to have his face right in your face. Obviously Sophie doesnt' seem to mind.

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This is me at 34, 35, and 36 weeks. Huge, huge, and huge. Last week I was dilated to 3/4 cm. On Monday I was 5 cm, close to 6 cm. At this rate, in a few weeks, a baby might just fall out before I go into labor.

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Pirate Gabe

Is it just me, or does the patch seem to be on the wrong eye?

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I have a love/hate relationship with 11:30 church. It is nice to have more time to get ready, but it is a weird time for lunch and naps. The kids want to get ready right when they wake up, so by the time we get to church, they don't look ready anymore. Oh well, still cute.

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Sophie has quite the imagination. In the last picture, if you couldn't tell, the pony is dead. This is her funeral. Dallas and I thought it was just sleeping, but now I can see the grand resting place for a beloved pony.

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Snow Day!

Since last Saturday, we have had quite a bit of snow and two snow days! The kids have enjoyed playing outside. Dallas created Mt. Cloud from the snow he shoveled off the driveway, and the kids love to slide down it. Who needs a sled anyway? We have wanted to build a snowman, but it has been too dry. Maybe tomorrow.

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A couple of weeks ago, Sophie had to collect something and sort it into different types and label it. She did money. Her labels? Here is a translation of the ones I can figure out from Sophie. (From left to right)
I do my best work with money.
I love different kinds of money.
I love money (can't make out the rest).
I love to dance with money everywhere.
I love you and money.
I love you.
Money is great (can't make out the rest.)

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The Bytheway's

While I was in the hospital on bedrest, Whitney and her two kids, Sesaly and Hadley, came to help out. My kids had a blast with them. I took very few pictures, so this is about it. Thanks again for coming!

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