Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It is cool to be a HEATON!

We learned about talents for family home evening on Monday. I am so lucky to have such a talented family. We talked about how the babies have talents, but they still have to develop them before we will know what they are. Gabe and Dallas showed us some killer sword-fighting. Then we talked about Gabe's amazing ability to make a gun out of pretty much anything. He is super creative at inventing things. In the bottom picture, you see him with his favorite Spiderman towel fashioned into a Gabe-created hat. Pretty dang cute, if you ask me.

For Penelope's talent, she showed us some pretty tricky tumbles off the couch, similar to what she has learned in gymnastics. She is very strong, and loves to do gymnastics. She is also very creative and loves to play pretend. In her picture, you see her with Princess Blankie. How many kids can turn a blankie into a princess? I would say not many, but Penelope is just cool like that.

Sophie's talent made me cry. She is a dancer. When you put music on, she has a natural beauty to her movements. It amazes me. We are trying to get her into a ballet class as soon as possible.

My talent was lame, so I won't even mention it on here.

Dallas played the accordian. It was awesome. The kids loved dancing to it. How does someone like Dallas have so many talents? He is probably the coolest of all.

Afterwards we ate frosted graham crackers. What a good night!

(Oh, did I mention Dallas has some pretty mad turban-making skills? See picture above.)

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Daphne and Peter are growing so much! They have both smiled! Daphne smiled on March 25th, and Peter did yesterday, the 30th. I can't get them to do it again, but believe me, but both have beautiful smiles, I swear!! I took them in on the 16th (4 weeks) and Daphne weighed 6 lbs 6 oz. Peter weighed 8 lbs 8 oz. And then this week I took them in on Monday (6 weeks) and Daphne was 7 lbs 7 oz and Peter was 9 lbs 8 oz. Daphne still seems so tiny, but I think it is just because I compare her to Peter. They are both pretty much only nursing, so I am pretty proud that they are gaining so well. They are really pretty good babies, probably the easiest I've had, but since there are two, it still is pretty busy. They are starting to be awake more and more, which is makes juggling all five kids tricky. I am pretty sure they both have reflux, which makes for a TON of laundry, but it doesn't seem to bother them too much. All in all, we all love them so much.

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Yeah for Family!

Dallas blessed Daphne and Peter on March 21st. We were so happy to have the Gerber's come for that. The blessings were wonderful, and we had a blast playing games. We played the game we got at Christmas, Agricola (seen in the bottom picture), and Libby and Nate's new game, Power Grid. Both are so fun! The kids loved playing with Matt, especially Gabe. Poor Jessica didn't feel very good, so she probably didn't enjoy it very much. Still, I am so glad they came. It was nice to have a few extra hands to hold babies! They are an incredible family. They all enjoy each other so much. I hope our family turns out as cool as theirs. I will post pictures of the babies in their blessing outfits when I get around to taking pictures. Sadly they had spit up so much by the time we got home from church that I didn't take any that day. Here I am a week and a half later, and still slacking...

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

My sister Libby and I decided to take a few pictures of the babies. In theory, I would have a ton of really cute ones. In reality, it was super stressful. I have so much respect for the photographer who took the pictures below. We couldn't get a decent one of Daphne alone, poor kid. It was still fun, and at least I have a picture of me with them being so tiny. They are already getting bigger!

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Professional Newborn Pictures!

So a photographer here just happened to be looking for newborn twins to shoot. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. She did a wonderful job. Her name is Jessica and her business is called Memories That R Precious, if anyone is in the area, looking for a great photographer.

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My sister, Merlaine made me some wraps so I can get things done, and they are so nice! I took the babies grocery shopping last night and it was so easy with them all snuggled in here. I even made cookies with the kids (while nursing, I might add!) The babies love it, and I love that I get to hold them so much. I was worried I wouldn't get to hold both of them as much as the other kids.

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Wonderful Helpers!

My sister Merlaine came right before we went into the hospital and then stayed for a week. After she left, my sister Libby and her daughter, Jessica, came for close to a week. I cannot tell you how much help they were! They cooked, cleaned, helped Sophie with her homework, played with the kids, held babies, and played games. It was so wonderful! Sadly I didn't get any great pictures of Libby. So thanks, guys! Come again any time.

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Back to Normal Life

So we have all kind of gotten into a rhythm again around here. The older kids seem to have accepted the new babies as part of the family, and even try to incorporate them into their weird fun. Gabe wrapped up his stuffed animals just like I wrap Daphne and Peter. Sophie made a beautiful bed for Daphne and then decorated her so she could also be beautiful. Penny has the least to do with the babies, but she is just as weird as the rest of them, as you can tell by her little set up in that last picture. Oh, and I stuck one in there of Gabe at their party outside. The weather has been so nice here.

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