Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am one lucky Mommy!


I want to take a moment to let everyone who doubted me as a mother to know, I must be doing something right! Okay, okay, I am reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls right now (which you should read if you haven't) for book club (which is at my house on Tuesday, so you should come), which pretty much has made me realize that good kids will be good kids however crazy and neglectful their parents are. So I will now transfer credit onto my amazing children. One morning the kids came down to wake me up. The babies were still sleeping, so I told them to get some cereal and I would be up in a little bit. When the babies woke up an HOUR! later, I went upstairs to find Sophie reading to Penny and Gabe while they ate. It was so nice to sleep in, but even nicer to see such a heart-warming little sight.

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And the years they go.


I think parenting advances to a whole new level when you remember when you were the same age as your kids are. (I do have some random memories of being really little, but they are super vague and I don't think I had a real sense of being a person yet.) Shoot, I start thinking, I better be a good mom, because my kids might remember this. All the sudden you realize that you are that old lady the kids call mom. And, maybe most significantly for me, I realize how fast my kids really are going to grow up. There are not that many years for kids to be kids.

Recently, Sophie has seemed older. Maybe it is because she is reading chapter books like crazy. Maybe it is those two loose teeth (that much to her dismay, didn't fall out while she ate an apple. I don't want to damper her excitement, but they are just barely loose. I bet it is a good month before they get loose enough to fall out.) Or maybe it is because she actually is getting older. Because kids do that, you know.

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Deck the Halls!


We decorated for Christmas last year. (This is what happens when you wait so long to update your blog. The pictures are cute, but out-dated and irrelavent.)

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