Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Skinny on Skinny Jeans, or Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?

To start off, really quickly, the second title is more of a rhetorical question, as in, I don't actually want you to tell me how they make me look.

Skinny Jeans, huh... What happened?! It was not that long ago that I was laughing at pictures of the people who were fashionable in the 80's with their skinny jeans and belted t-shirts and bright blue eye-liner. "I don't care how good you look, these pants do NOTHING for anyone!" I remember saying to some friends. And then a few years back, I started seeing a pair here and there, and I thought, "Weirdos. Don't they know those pants look ridiculous?" And press forward to the present and everyone, as in short, tall, fat, and thin is wearing them. And I have a pair. I officially took off the tags yesterday and wore them. Non-returnable. Mine.

But, I am not going to lie. I have my doubts. Do they really look good? And I don't just mean on me, but on anyone? After I bought my pair, I tried them on for Dallas and he said, "Those pants are in STYLE?!" And yesterday, while I was breaking in those bad boys, I asked again, thinking maybe he was getting used to them, and he said, "Not really my taste." Case closed. My husband doesn't like them. (Not that I really trust his taste in fashion, but...)

I have two issues with Skinny Jeans with me in particular. A. I think they make my hips look big. B. I think they make me look shorter than I am.

A. Maybe they make my hips look big because I have big hips, which I do, and which I am thankful for, since I have successfully and relatively easily birthed 5 babies. But do I want to wear pants that emphasize something, however beneficial it may be in childbirth, that isn't necessarily a mark of beauty? Dallas has agreed the pants would look better with some boots or something to ofset the top-heaviness.

B. I am short. Maybe all my pants make me look short. Maybe I haven't studied myself in my other pants as much as these skinny jeans, so maybe there is nothing to this. But I swear, the severity of those tapered hems seem to make me look (feel?) like a small person. As in midget. (No offense to small people. In fact, I saw the cutest little old lady pushing one of those carts meant for kids. She made me smile.)

So those are my beefs. But, I did take off the tags. (It helps that they were on clearance and ended up only being $7.) To be honest, I am keeping them because I know they are in style. Mostly I just want to fit in. Welcome back to Middle School.

In reference to the pictures: Wow, I can jump really high! And, I learned something about myself. I am sticking my thumbs out in every shot. That is just awkward.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Can he really be 31?!

See what I say about Dallas' birthday being an appendage? (Read post below...) I have more pictures of Gabe on here than Dallas.

I sit here on the other side of the thirties, even if it is just barely, and look over at my husband, who, with every day settles more and more into that decade. And I have to say, I like what I see!

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Gabe is four and cool, too.

I should have done this update yesterday so I at least got it in the right month, but alas, I am a slacker. Good news, though! Gabe is four! He had a birthday on January 7th, and now he is pretty grown up, let me tell you. We had two parties, one with friends and one was a double birthday party. (Daddy's birthday was more of an appendage, sadly. Gabe has consistently stolen the birthday glory from Dallas from the day he was born. In our house, we are always looking forward to the next holliday or birthday. It is hard to build up anticipation for a day (January 8th, Dallas' birthday) that is immediately following the day (January 7th, Gabe's birthday) we have been looking forward to since New Years.) Gabe chose a Spiderman Cake and we invited a few friends.

Gabe is a really great kid. He is super creative, loves to build things like forts and castles, and is getting quite computer savvy. He is really smart, too. I am trying to get him into preschool so they did a speech test on him. He struggles with articulation, but his sentence construction and understanding of language are far above what is normal for his age. He can write his own name, and knows most of his letters. He is a really fun kid to have around.

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To be really honest, Christmas seems like a really long time ago, so don't expect an amazing discussion of it. I remember it being fun. Christmas is great when you are kid, but I think it gets even better when you have kids.

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