Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Gabe is four and cool, too.

I should have done this update yesterday so I at least got it in the right month, but alas, I am a slacker. Good news, though! Gabe is four! He had a birthday on January 7th, and now he is pretty grown up, let me tell you. We had two parties, one with friends and one was a double birthday party. (Daddy's birthday was more of an appendage, sadly. Gabe has consistently stolen the birthday glory from Dallas from the day he was born. In our house, we are always looking forward to the next holliday or birthday. It is hard to build up anticipation for a day (January 8th, Dallas' birthday) that is immediately following the day (January 7th, Gabe's birthday) we have been looking forward to since New Years.) Gabe chose a Spiderman Cake and we invited a few friends.

Gabe is a really great kid. He is super creative, loves to build things like forts and castles, and is getting quite computer savvy. He is really smart, too. I am trying to get him into preschool so they did a speech test on him. He struggles with articulation, but his sentence construction and understanding of language are far above what is normal for his age. He can write his own name, and knows most of his letters. He is a really fun kid to have around.

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!!